Il trasporto aereo in Italia

Air transport in Italy

The National Institute of Statistics makes available statistics on air transport for the year 2009. The survey on air transport is carried out in accordance with EC Regulation 437/2003 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 February 2003.

The survey is a census and collects information from airport management companies, with the collaboration of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC). Data covers the airport traffic of aircraft, passengers, freight and mail, incoming and/or departing from domestic airports, with regard to civil aviation business.

In this note the main results of the survey are presented, with reference to the comparison between the domestic and international air traffic. Methodological aspects are explained in the informative note. Definitions are included in the glossary.

aircrafts, passenger, statistics report, traffic, transport, transport goods
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Press release
Reference period
Year 2009
Date of publication
2 December 2010
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