Trattamenti pensionistici e beneficiari

Pensions and pensioners: territorial analysis

In 2011 pension expenditure reached 265,975 million of euro. At the regional level the incidence on GDP reached the highest value in Liguria (21.25%) and minimum (11.47%) in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

The pension expenditure per capita reached its maximum (6,006 euro) in Liguria, while the minimum value (3,211 euro) is observed in Campania (this is also due to the different age structure of the population).

The highest share of expenditure (30.1%) was provided in the North-West area, while values close to 20% were observed in the South (18.6%), the Centre (21.4%) and in the North-East areas (20.3%). 9.1% of the share was paid to pensioners living in the Islands and the remaining 0.6% to those living abroad.

Compared to 2010, the total pension expenditure increased by 2.9%. The increase reached the highest value in the Islands (3.7%), and the lowest one abroad (-4%).

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12 November 2013
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