Effetti dei provvedimenti fiscali sulle imprese

The effects of tax provisions on enterprises

This note analyzes the effects of the main provisions on enterprise income taxation adopted in Italy since 2011: the new treatment of losses, the deductibility of the labour component of the IRAP and the allowance of a notional return on equity (the so called ACE, 'Aiuto alla Crescita Economica'). The analysis is carried out on the population of Italian companies by means of the new micro simulation model ISTAT-Matis (Model for the Analysis of Taxation and Incentives on Corporations) over the period 2011-2014.

For 2014 it is estimated that the impact of the new treatment of losses will be limited. The IRAP deduction and the ACE will reduce the tax burden on corporate profits for more than half of the firms (57,3%). About one third of them will benefit from both provisions. The percentage of beneficiaries is higher for industrial firms and medium, large-sized firms, groups of firms and those based in the North.

The introduction of these measures will involve a tax cut of 9,8% corresponding to 2,6 billion euros in 2014. The main contribution to tax debt reduction is coming from ACE (5,4%). Companies with turnover between 500 thousand and 10 million euros, those operating in the construction sector and those based in the South and in the North-east areas will be the main beneficiaries.

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6 March 2014
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