Tavole di mortalità della popolazione residente

Life tables of the resident population

Istat updates, at in "Elaborations" section and at I.Stat under the section “Population and Households\mortality", the Life tables of the resident population for the years 2011 and 2012 data.

The data are available for NUTS-1, NUTS-2 and NUTS-3.

The territorial classification of the provinces is based on 110 territorial units.

Data by single age class and data by five-years age class are available. The biometric functions are:

◦ Probability of death (per thousand)
◦ Survivors
◦ Deaths
◦ Years lived
◦ Projection probability
◦ Life expectancy.

deaths, information note, life expectancy, mortality, resident population, survival
Health statistics, Population and households
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Year 2011-2012
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10 March 2014

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