Contest del Censimento economico

A Contest on the 9th General Census of Industry, Services and Non-profit Institutions

The due date for registration and submission of works has been extended to 31 July 2014

A Contest on re-using the data collected and published by Istat as part of the 9th General Census of Industry, Services and Non-profit Institutions. This is the Censimento Data Challenge, organised by the National Institute of Statistics with the goal of developing applications and visual displays designed to transmit useful information, using the data from the 9th General Census of Industry and Services.

The contest is open to individuals, formal and/or informal groups of data users. The award ceremony will be held in Rome during the Forum PA 2014 event.
In particular, the initiative is targeted at university professors and researchers, data journalists, data designers, sociologists and experts in specific issues, statisticians, policy makers, developers, students, civil society groups, organisations and active citizens.

The Census data will be used to create one or more visual or infographic displays and/or web, desktop or smartphone applications. The first type, which will be open access and free of charge, may be static or interactive, but must be accompanied by a scientific and journalistic article explaining the work done with the data and telling us about the results achieved.

The web applications, on the other hand, must be accompanied by five presentation slides briefly describing how they work, the application access links and three different screenshots.
To take part just register using the special form and submit your work by 2 May 2014, using the methods indicated in the Regulations.

As soon as you’ve registered, you can contact the #Censimento Data Challenge Help Desk set up by Istat to provide scientific and methodological support for issues relating to the datasets published by the Institute and how to re-use them.

The Jury – composed of Istat experts and technical staff, representatives from the world of business, non-profit institutions, universities, research and the open data community – may decide to award one or more special mentions. All the projects will receive visibility from the Census of Industry and Services website.

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