Stima anticipata di alcuni aggregati economici

Early estimates of main economic aggregates in geographical areas

In 2013, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), measured in volume, marked different dynamics at the local level; with a much less than the national average reduction in the North-West area (-0.6%), slightly less in the North-East (-1.5% ), almost the same in the Center (-1.8%) and much more pronounced in the South and Islands area (-4 %).

These results are consistent with the national accounts data published on March 3, 2014, showing a decline of the Italian GDP by 1.9% for 2013.

In the North-West area the increase by 1.1% in services partly offsets the sharp decreases in value added recorded in the primary sector (-3.1 %) and in the industry (-3.3 %).

In the North-East area the contraction in economic activity is much more relevant in the industrial sector (-3.4%), less significant in the service sector (-0.4%). Agriculture, in contrast, has seen an increase in value added of 4.7%.

In the Center the decrease in the value added had similar intensities in all three sectors: -1.2% in the primary sector, -1.4% in industry and -1.5% in services.

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