Innovazione nelle imprese

Innovation in Italian enterprises

Istat presents the results of the latest Innovation survey in the Italian enterprises. The survey covers innovation activities of the enterprises with at least ten persons employed operating in industry, construction and services in 2010-2012.

In 2010-2012, 51.9% of Italian enterprises with at least ten persons employed undertook innovation activity . As compared to the previous period 2008-2010, the propensity to innovate increased slightly (+0.5 percentage points).

35.5% of all enterprises were involved in product-process innovation activities (+2 percentage points as compared to 2008-2010).

Product-process innovation activity was more frequent in industry than in services and construction: 45.4% of industrial enterprises stated to have carried out these innovation activities in 2010-2012 against 29.5% and 20.3% of the other two sectors. As compared to the years 2008-2010, the percentage of enterprises active in product-process innovation decreased a little (-0.05 percentage points) in industry, while it grew in services and construction (respectively by 2.5 and 2.8 percentage points).

Differences in enterprises' behaviour at size level were confirmed. Large enterprises (250+ persons employed) were the most active in product-process innovation in Italian economy (69.2%), well ahead the medium and small enterprises, that undertook such activities (respectively 54.8% and 32.7% of total).

In 2012, innovation expenditure of the Italian enterprises was estimated to be around 24 billion of euros. The major contribution (about 50%) was given by research and development (R&D) expenditure.

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4 December 2014
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