Multinazionali estere in Italia

Business structure and performance of foreign affiliates resident in Italy

In 2012 there were 13,328 foreign affiliates resident in Italy. These enterprises employed 1.2 million persons, generated a turnover of 505 billion euros and a value added of 93 billion euros.

The foreign affiliates decreased their presence in Italy compared to 2011: with regards to firms by -1.5%, to number of persons employed by -0.8%, to value added by -4.2% but increased the turnover by +3% .

The economic relevance of these enterprises, as compared to resident businesses, was equal to 7.1% of persons employed, 16.6% of turnover and 13.5% value added. The share of R&D expenditure was remarkable: 23.6%.

Foreign affiliates had an average size of 89.3 employees and achieved a better performance than the domestically controlled firms in terms of profitability and productivity.

enterprise, exports, foreign affiliates, internationalisation, manufacturing, multinational enterprises
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Year 2012
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17 December 2014
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