Approvata la nuova legge statistica europea

New European Statistical Law approved

After six Presidencies of the EU Council and two years of arduous negotiations, the new European Statistical Law (Revision of Regulation no. 223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council on European statistics) was endorsed this past 19 December.

This major achievement, awaited by all the countries of the EU and by the European Commission, came at the end of the Semester of Italian Presidency of the European Union and of the Council Working Party on Statistics (CWPS) chaired by Istat president Giorgio Alleva.

The new European Regulation aims to strengthen the governance of the European Statistical System (ESS) with the purpose of securing unconditional application of the principle of professional independence of National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), and to clarify the coordinating role of ESS in the national statistical systems. Moreover, it enhances the use of administrative data for statistical purposes; this enhancement will lead the way towards modernizing the production of European statistics.

The “Commitments on confidence in Statistics” were also introduced in order to make national governments aware of their co-responsibility for implementing the European Statistics Code of Practice and of their duty to ensure the credibility of official statistics by respecting the independence of the NSIs.

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24 December 2014
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