Spesa ambientale delle amministrazioni regionali

The environmental expenditure of regional administrations

Istat releases the new time series 2010-2012 of regional administrations' environmental expenditure consistent with the results of national accounts revision, carried out with the introduction of the new European system of national and regional accounts (Esa2010).

In 2012 total environmental expenditure of Italian regional administrations amounted to 3,825 million euro, i.e. 64.2 euro per capita and 0.23% of Gdp.

2,491 million euro (65% of total environmental expenditure) were devoted to safeguard the environment from pollution (atmospheric emissions, water discharges, waste, soil pollution, etc.) and degradation (loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, salinization, etc.).

1,334 million euro (35% of total environmental expenditure) were targeted to the use and management of natural resources (forests, water and energy resources, etc.) protecting them against depletion.

With regard to the composition of environmental expenditure by domain, in 2012 North-western and North-eastern regional administrations allocated their economic resources mainly for the protection of biodiversity and landscapes (24% and 25% of total environmental expenditure, respectively).

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21 January 2015
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