Risultati economici delle aziende agricole

Economic performances of agricultural holdings

In 2013, the Italian agriculture holdings (about 1.5 million) employed 992 thousand annual work units (AWU ), whereas 207 thousand of them were due to non-family labour (20.9 percent), with a total output of about 43.9 billion euro and 24.9 billion euro of value added (evaluated at basic prices).

10.4 percent of farms produced just for self-consumption, close to the fraction of multi-functional farms (9.6 percent) which however attained relevant performances in terms of AWU (19.7 percent), output (27.8) and value added (28.0 percent).

agricultural activity, agricultural holdings, agricultural performance, agricultural products, economic activity, economic outcome, statistics report, turnover, work unit
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Year 2013
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4 August 2015
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