Pil e indebitamento delle AP

GDP and General Government net borrowing

The National Institute of Statistics releases the estimates of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and General Government debt in accordance with the definitions of the European System of Accounts (ESA95) and Council Regulation (EC) n. 479/2009.

In 2010, GDP at current prices increased by 1,9% to 1.548.816 millions of euros compared with the previous year.
The chained volume measure of GDP rose 1,3%, after a 5,2% decline in 2009.

Growth was mostly attributable to the increase in Exports (+9,1%), in Gross fixed capital formation (+2,5%) and in Households final consumption expenditure (+1,0%), partly offset by a slowdown in General Government final consumption expenditure, which decreased by 0,6%.

General Government net borrowing was equal to -71.211 millions of euros (-4,6% of GDP), improving the result of the previous year (-5,4% of GDP), while General Government debt reached 1.843.227 millions of euros (119,0% of GDP).

According to the SDDS programme of the IMF, Istat disseminates an annual calendar of press releases both on Istat and SDDS website.
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1 March 2011
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