Uso ICT nelle imprese

Survey on information and communication technology (ICT) usage in enterprises

Since 2001, the Italian Survey on information and communication technology (ICT) usage is carried out by Istat on annual basis on active enterprises in industrial and services sectors, with at least 10 persons employed . The survey is part of the European Community statistics on the information society following the Commission Regulation No 808/2004, which establishes the legal basis for harmonized statistics on Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) usage in enterprises. The principal aim of this survey is to supply users with indicators on information society: Internet activities (web site, social media, cloud computing) and connection used (fixed and mobile broadband), e-Business (use of software as ERP, CRM), e-Commerce, ICT skills, e-Invoice. ICT survey is also one of the major sources of data for the Digital Agenda Scoreboard measuring progress of the European digital economy.

broadband, communication, computer, e-commerce, enterprise, ICT in enterprises, industry, information technology, innovation, inter-net, microdata for research purposes, mobile phone, personal computer, technology, telecommunications
Enterprises, Industry and construction, Services
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Years 2015, 2014
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4 April 2017
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