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Retail trade

The retail trade index measures the monthly evolution of the turnover at current prices of enterprises with retail sale outlets. With effect from January 2013 the indices are calculated with reference to the base year 2010 using the Ateco 2007 classification (Italian edition of Nace Rev. 2).

In October 2015 the seasonally adjusted retail trade index decreased by 0.3% with respect to September 2015 (-0.8% for food goods and -0.1% for non-food goods). The average of the last three months compared to the previous three months increased by 0.2%.

The unadjusted index increased by 1.8% with respect to October 2014.

Next release: 25 January 2016

discount stores, distribution, food, hypermarkets, retail trade, sales, statistics flash, supermarkets
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October 2015
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23 December 2015
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