Spese per consumi delle famiglie

Household consumption expenditure

In 2015, the average monthly household consumption expenditure, at current values, was 2,499.37 euros (+0.4% compared to 2014 and +1.1% with respect to 2013). Taking into account the macroeconomic context (slight increase of household disposable income, stability of consumer households saving rate, first year of GDP recovery after three years of recession), the expenditure showed slight signs of recovery.

The average expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages was 441.50 euros per month (436,06 euros in 2014; +1.2%). The non-food expenditure was basically stable and equal to 2,057.87 euros per month.

From 2014 to 2015, the percentage of households reducing quantity or quality of some goods and services in order to limit their consumption expenditure decreased: from 58.7% to 53.8% for foodstuff and from 68.4% to 63.2% for clothing and footwear.

In 2015, households in the North area spent for consumption more than households in the South and in the Islands. In particular, the highest expenditure was observed in the North-west (2,836.32 euros per month), about 1,000 euros more than the average expenditure in the Islands (1,891.78 per month).

In metropolitan areas the average monthly expenditure in 2015 was 2,630.73 euros, about 200 euros more than the average expenditure in small municipalities outside of metropolitan areas (2,436.38 per month). Moreover, in metropolitan areas the share of total consumption expenditure on housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels was the highest, as a result of higher levels of rentals and imputed rentals for housing.

In comparison with 2014, the average monthly expenditure for households with all non-national members decreased by about 100 euros and was equal to 1,532.66 euros per month; it was about 1,000 euros lower than expenditure observed for households with all national members.

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Households economic conditions
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7 July 2016
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