Conoscenza dei dati economici

The knowledge of economic data by Italian consumers

The main goal of this survey is to verify the degree of knowledge of Italian consumers about the recent developments, as registered by official statistics, of key economic variables such as GDP growth, inflation and unemployment rate.

In 2016 the share of consumers able to give a figure of GDP growth is 71.8%, while it is 52.6% with reference to the unemployment rate. Concerning the inflation rate the percentage is lower, only 35.1%.

Italian consumers show an adequate knowledge of the GDP growth in 2016 resulting in the average data declared 0.6% instead of 0.8% registered by Istat. On the other hand, average values for replies on the unemployment rate are above official data (14.4% compared to 11.7%); for inflation, average estimated values are significantly above the actual figures: +3.8% estimated, while the official value was slightly below zero: -0.2%.

Concerning the most used media to gather economic information, television is reported as the most important channel to get information, being used by 78.4% of respondents, followed by internet (45.9%) and newspapers (44.1%).

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9 August 2016
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