Esportazioni regioni italiane

Export of Italian regions

Istat presents the breakdown of national exports by Italian Regions for the reference period January- December 2016.

In the fourth quarter 2016, compared with the previous period, in seasonally-adjusted terms, exports increased for all macro-regions: +5.3% for South and Islands, +4.2% for Centre, +2.8% for North-West and +1.6% for North-East.

In the year 2016, compared with the previous year, exports increased for South (+8.5%), Centre (+2.1%) and North-East (+1.8%), decreased for Islands (-15.0%) while North-West recorded 0.0%.

In the same period more relevant increases, according to their contribution to total export increment, are recorded for Basilicata (+53.5%), Lombardia (+0.8%), Emilia-Romagna (+1.5%), Friuli-Venezia Giulia (+6.3,%), Veneto (+1.3%), Abruzzo (+9.7%), Marche (+5.6%), Lazio (+3.0%) and Liguria (+7.7%) while relevant decreases were recorded for Sicilia (-17.3%), Piemonte (-3.0%) and Sardegna (-10.9%).

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