Cittadini non comunitari. Anni 2016-2017

Non-EU citizens in Italy. Years 2016-2017

Infographic on number of presence, new inflows and acquisitions of citizenship of Non-EU citizens in Italy.

Non-EU foreigners holding a residence permit in Italy on 1st January 2017 were 3,714,137. The new inflows of non-EU foreigners were continuing to decline: in 2016 almost 227,000 new permits were issued, nearly 5% fewer than the previous year. From 2011 to 2016 the acquisitions of citizenship of non-EU citizens increased rapidly: in 2011 they were 50 thousand, in 2016 they were almost 184,638.

Infographic on Non-EU citizens in Italy. Years 2016-2017
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10 October 2017
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