La corruzione in Italia

Corruption in Italy: the citizen’s point of view


For the first time, Istat has introduced a series of questions in its 2015-2016 survey on the Safety of citizens, in order to examine the phenomenon of corruption.

It is estimated that 7.9% of households have been directly involved in corrupt events during the course of their lives, such as, requests for money, favours, gifts or other in exchange for services or facilitations of transactions (7% in the past 3 years, 1.2% in the past 12 months).

The comprehensive indicator (7.9%) reaches its maximum level in Lazio (17.9%) and its minimum in the autonomous Province of Trento (2%), but the situation in the country is very different with regard to the scope of the corruption.

Corruption has primarily affected the employment sector (3.2% of households), particularly at the moment of searching for a job, participation in competitive professional examinations or the launching of a new activity (2.7%).

Among the households involved in litigation, it is estimated that during their lifetimes 2.9% have received a request for money, gifts or favours from, for example, a judge, a public prosecutor, a chancellor, a lawyer, a witness or other.

7% of households who have applied for welfare benefits (contributions, subsidies, social or public housing, disability benefits or other benefits) are estimated to have received a request for money or favours. In the healthcare sector, incidents of corruption involved 2.4% of households needing medical visits with specialists, medical diagnostic tests, hospitalization or surgery. 2.1% of households experienced requests for money, gifts or favours when they sought assistance from public offices.

Requests for money or favours in exchange for facilitations by law enforcement officers or the armed forces and in the education sector affected respectively 1% and 0.6% of households.

6% of households have agreed to pay money or to make gifts.

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