Partecipate pubbliche in Italia

General Government participations in Italy

In 2015, units owned by general government in Italy were 9,655 with a weight of 882,012 in terms of persons employed. Compared to the previous year, the number of units owned by general government reduced by 2.1% but the persons employed increased by 4.3%.

61.9% of the analyzed units were controlled by General Government for a share within 50% and 100%, on the other hand 24.4% were owned for a share below 20% and 13.7% of the units were owned by General Government for a share within 20% and 50%.

The active enterprises owned by general government in Italy were 6,859 with 848,707 persons employed. 1,092 were inactive enterprises (-4% with respect to the previous year) but they presented in 2015 a fiscal declaration.

The territorial distribution of active enterprises showed a concentration in terms of persons employed in central Italy with 55.7% of persons employed and 23.5% of enterprises. The active enterprises average size of central Italy was 294 persons employed per company, strongly influenced by enterprises located in the region Lazio.

Compared to the previous year the number of active enterprises participated by at least one regional or local public administration reduced by 12.7% (4,844).

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