Nuovi imprenditori e imprese high growth

The profile of the new entrepreneurs of new and high-growth enterprises

The expansion of the social, economic and statistical information is carried out from the integration of multiple administrative and statistical sources. This allows to define and analyze the profile of entrepreneurs both for new enterprises and High-growth enterprises.

In 2015 there were about 375 thousand entrepreneurs who decided to start a new business, which was significantly higher than in 2014 (316 thousand). 55.8% were own account workers (corresponding to about 200,000 thousand new-born enterprises without employees), 44.2% were entrepreneurs with employees (150 thousand new-born enterprises).

In 2015 there were about 12 thousand High-growth enterprises. In three consecutive years their average annualised growth in employees was about 80%. The most differences between High-growth and the other enterprises were the orientation towards high technological and intensive knowledge economic sectors and a more advanced level of education.

The entrepreneurs of High-growth enterprises were almost all over 35 and for the 82.6% men. 7.8% were foreign entrepreneurs and 33.8% of the entrepreneurs work in High-tech manufacturing and Knowledge intensive services.

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