Produzione e costi di costruzione

Production in the construction sector and construction costs

The production in construction index provides monthly statistics on output in the sector, referring not only to all new work, but also to repair and maintenance data. The production in construction index is calculated on the base 2010=100.

The construction costs index measures changes in the costs of inputs to the construction process by monitoring separately the cost of each factor. This is a chain-linked index which uses December 2016 as a base for calculations and 2010 as a reference year.

Output in the construction industry grew 3 month on 3 month, rising by 1.2% in the three-month period ending in October 2017. Construction output also rose by 0.4% compared with September 2017. Year-over-year growth, after adjustment for calendar effect differences, remained strong with an increase of 3.2% compared with October 2016.

The average index of the first ten months of 2017 (referring to calendar adjusted series) was relatively flat, increasing by 0.1% when comparing to the same period of 2016.

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Industry and construction
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October 2017
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19 December 2017
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18 January 2017
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