Indicatori demografici

Demographic indicators

The population at 1st January 2018 is estimated to be 60,494,000; the decrease on the previous year was around 100,000 units (-1.6 per thousand).

The number of live births dropped to 464 thousand, 2% less than in 2016 and new minimun level ever.

The number of deaths was 647 thousand, 31 thousand more than in 2016 (+5.1%). In relative terms 10.7 individuals died per thousand inhabitants in 2017, compared to 10.1 in 2016.

The natural balance was negative (-183 thousand), representing the lowest result ever.

The net international migration in 2017 amounted to +184 thousand, recording a consistent increase on the previous year (+40 thousand). Compared to the latter it was determined by a higher number of inflows, 337 thousand (+12%), and a lower number of outflows, 153 thousand (-2.6%).

Out of 337 thousand registrations from abroad, 292 thousand concerned individuals of foreign nationality (+10.9%) while repatriations of Italians were 45 thousand (+19.9%).

Only 40 thousand cancellations to abroad on overall 153 thousand in 2017 were due to non-national citizens (-5%). The remaining 112 thousand concerned Italian citizens (-1.8%).

Despite a lower level of births, the total fertility rate was unchanged from the previous year, equal to 1.34 children per woman. Meanwhile, the trend to have children at later ages was confirmed: the mean age at childbearing had grown to 31.8 years.

There were no significant changes in life expectancy at birth, 80.6 years for men and 84.9 years for women. The survival gap between women and men dropped to 4.3 years.

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