Integrazione delle seconde generazioni

Integration of the second generation: microdata for research purposes

In 2015 Istat carried out the survey on "Integration of the second generation", the project was co-financed by the Ministry of Interior and the EU European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals (EFI). The survey involved lower and upper secondary schools attended by at least 5 foreign students, and investigated many different dimensions of second generation social inclusion (school, relationships, language, and household conditions).

Note. On 13 April 2018 an updated version of the microdata file has been available; in detail causing to some errors found in the response modalities, the variables e6, e6_a1, e6_a2, e6_a3, e6_b have been eliminated.

education, employed, foreigners, immigrants, inclusion, integration, leisure time, microdata for research purposes, school, students
Education and training, Population and households
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Year 2015
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26 March 2018
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