Conti economici nazionali

National economic accounts

Istat disseminates National economic accounts 1970-2010 time series at current prices. These series replace the series for the years 2008 and 2009 which were in the archive and are the periodic update of statistical sources used developing annual data.
Istat also publishes the series of economic accounts at chained prices (reference year 2000).

Aggregates contained in the time series are about accounts, production and value added, compensation of employees, consumption of households, employment, gross fixed capital formation and average values of main aggregates.
In the information note attached to the tables, a summary description is given of national economic accounts as well as some definitions related to data analysis. For further information see the press release published on 1 March 2011 "GDP and general government debt -Year 2010".

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accounts, annual accounts, consumptions, deficit, exports, GDP, GDP net borrowing, imports, investments, production, revenue, value added
National accounts, Public Administrations
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Years 1970-2010
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15 April 2011
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