Forze di Lavoro - dati longitudinali a 12 mesi

Labour Force Survey - 12 months longitudinal data: file for research purposes

In Italy the Labour Force Survey (Lfs) follows a rotating sample design where households participate for two consecutive quarters, then they temporally exit for the following two quarters, and finally come back in the sample for other two consecutive quarters. Therefore, 50% of the households, interviewed in a quarter, are re-interviewed after three months, 50% after twelve months, 25% after nine and fifteen months.

According to the rotation scheme all the members of the households, who were interviewed in different time periods, can be matched in order to obtain longitudinal data. In particular, individual records can be matched to produce 12months and 3months longitudinal data which is almost 50% of the total sample.

Although the main product of the Lfs is cross-sectional data, longitudinal data is an essential aim for achieving a complete picture of significant economic phenomena of labour market mobility.

Starting from april 2016:

  • longitudina data are produced for each quarter;
  • population reconstructed according to the census results and the revision of the Registries by the municipalities in the post-census period are considered for their production;
  • because of the population reconstructed, the new longitudinal data are not comparable with those produced previously;
  • Istat will gradually replace the files already produced considering the population reconstructed;

The new files produced with the population reconstructed are available for the following period:

First quarter 2016-First quarter 2017
Fourth quarter 2015-Fourth quarter 2016
Third quarter 2015 -Third quarter 2016
Second quarter 2015-Second quarter 2016
First quarter 2015-First quarter 2016
Fourth quarter 2014-Fourth quarter 2015
Fourth quarter 2013-Fourth quarter 2014
Third quarter 2014-Third quarter 2015
Second quarter 2014-Second quarter 2015
First quarter 2014-First quarter 2015
Third quarter 2013-Third quarter 2014
Fourth quarter 2012-Fourth quarter 2013
Third quarter 2012-Third quarter 2013


III quarter 2016-III quarter 2017 | IV quarter 2016-IV quarter 2017 |

IV quarter 2015-IV quarter 2016 | I quarter 2016-I quarter 2017 | II quarter 2016-II quarter 2017 |

III quarter 2015-III quarter 2016 | II quarter 2015-II quarter 2016 | I quarter 2015-I quarter 2016 |

IV quarter 2014-IV quarter 2015 | III quarter 2014-III quarter 2015 | II quarter 2014-II quarter 2015 |

I quarter 2014-I quarter 2015 | IV quarter 2013-IV quarter 2014 | III quarter 2013-III quarter 2014 |

II quarter 2013-II quarter 2014 | I quarter 2013-I quarter 2014 | IV quarter 2012-IV quarter 2013 |

III quarter 2012-III quarter 2013 | I quarter 2012-I quarter 2013 | I quarter 2011-I quarter 2012 |

I quarter 2010-I quarter 2011 | I quarter 2009-I quarter 2010 | I quarter 2008-I quarter 2009 |

I quarter 2007-I quarter 2008 | I quarter 2006-I quarter 2007 | I quarter 2005-I quarter 2006 |

I quarter 2004-I quarter 2005 |

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Various quarters 2004-2017
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18 April 2018

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