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Childhood and daily life

The context of family life for children and youngsters is changing: between 1998 and 2011 the percentage of minor children without brothers and sisters has risen from 23.8% to 25.7%, while that of those with 2 or more brothers and sisters has fallen from 23.1% to 21.2%. The percentage with only one brother or sister has remained essentially stable, at 53.1%.

The number of minor children living with just one parent has doubled, from 6% in 1998 to 12% in 2011.

Over the same time period, the percentage of minor children whose fathers work and whose mothers are housewives has fallen from 40.5% to 28.7%. Therefore the percentage of minor children whose parents both work (41.5%) now exceeds that of those whose mothers are housewives.

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18 November 2011
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