Flussi di materia del sistema economico italiano

Material flows of the Italian socioeconomic system

Istat makes available the time series on the use of materials of the Italian socioeconomic system for the years 1991-2009. The information provided by the satellite accounts on material flows is coherent with the provisions of the recently adopted European Regulation on Environmental Accounts (166/2011). It is useful for the analysis of socioeconomic metabolism and, in combination with monetary national accounting aggregates - with which it is fully coherent - for the study of sustainable production and consumption, decoupling of environmental pressure from economic activity and resource productivity.

Table 1 presents materials' use accounts, which describe the overall direct use of natural resources and products. These accounts provide the aggregate indicators "direct material input" and "direct material consumption".

Table 2 describes the direct intake of natural resources from the national environment, by type of material.

Tables 3 and 4 describe the direct exchange of materials with the rest of the world, by type of material. The application of the residence principle implies the inclusion in these tables, next to imports and exports, of the purchases of products made abroad by resident units and in Italy by non-residents respectively.

All data are expressed in weight units (thousands tonnes) and do not include air and water.

Note. On 28 February 2012, the header of cell A72 in table 4 was corrected from “Input” into “output”.

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