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Expenditure for the management of waste, wastewater and water resources in Italy

The time series 1997-2010 of expenditure data on waste, wastewater and water resources management for Italy, calculated according to SERIEE are now available at Istat web-site.

SERIEE accounts provide aggregates suitable for describing activities and related transactions aimed at protecting the natural environment against pollution and degradation as well as activities and transactions aimed at managing and saving the stock of natural resources against depletion. The calculations made according to SERIEE are consistent with fundamental SNA concepts and schemes and are aligned with the international guidelines provided by the SEEA for the development of an integrated environmental and economic accounting system.

The national expenditure aggregate, which describes the resources devoted by resident units to the preservation of the natural environment, is one of the main figures in the SERIEE accounting tables. Both final and intermediate consumption of environmental services are included in it, as well as the investments made for the production of the same services.

In 2010 the national expenditure for waste, wastewater and water resources management services, jointly considered, amounts in Italy to 34.350 million euros (2.2 per cent of GDP), broken down as follows: 21.941 million euros for waste management (1.4 per cent of GDP), 9.634 million euros for water resources management (0.6 per cent of GDP) and 2.775 million euros for wastewater management (0.2 per cent of GDP).

Final and intermediate consumption together account for 89 per cent of the total national expenditure related to the whole three domains in 2010, thus being the main component of national expenditure in this group of environmental domains. More in detail, intermediate consumption is the main component of national expenditure for waste and wastewater management services, accounting for 56 per cent and 54 per cent of the total, respectively; final consumption is the main component in the case of water resources management services accounting for 51 per cent of the total.

As far as investments are concerned, in 2010 they account for 11 per cent of national expenditure for waste, wastewater and water resources management services as a whole, with the following breakdown between private and public specialised producers: the investments made by private units account for 9 per cent of the total national expenditure, while the remaining 2 per cent are made by public units.

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