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Non-Eu citizens holding a residence permit

The non-EU foreigners holding a residence permit in Italy on 1 January 2011 are over 3 million 500 thousand. From 2008 to 2011 there was an increase of 35%.

The most relevant citizenships are: Morocco, Albania, China, Ukraine and Moldova. This community, between 2008 and 2011, almost doubled from less than 81 thousand residents in 2008 to 142 thousand in 2011.

The 37% of non-EU citizens live in the Northwest, the 29% in the Northeast and the 22% in the Center, only the 13% live in the South. Lombardy is the region which hosts the largest number of regular foreigners (26.6%), followed by Emilia-Romagna (12.6%) and Veneto (12.1%).

Almost half of non-EU citizens present in Italy (46.3%) has a long-term permit. In the North East is registered the highest percentage of the long-term permits.

Approximately two thirds of the non-EU children legally present in Italy was born in our country. For Tunisia, China and the Philippines the share of children born in Italy exceeds 79%.

In 2010 were released almost 600.000 new residence permits: The 60% of the total was issued for employment; the 39.9% for family reasons.

The highest number of permits in 2010 was granted to Moroccans, Chinese and Ukrainians; however, if we consider the ratio between the number of permits issued and the size of the present population the most dynamic are Moldovans, Indians and Pakistanis.

The data underline a predominance of women among Ukrainians (81.1%) Moldovans (68.0%) and Filipinos (58.7%) and a male prevalence among the population coming from Egypt (the 72.4% are men), Bangladesh (72.1%), Tunisia (65.3%) e India (65.3%).

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