Intheworld 4/2012

Since 1993 Istat has been collaborating with the Statistical Institute of Albania to facilitate its progressive integration in the European statistical system, making this relationship the most stable and longer of Istat entire technical cooperation life.

Albania is now at a critical juncture in its commitment to European Union membership. For this reason, opportunities and challenges for cooperation and stronger relations with EU have been growing further in last years. One of them is represented by the IPA 2007 EU Project “Alignment of Albanian Statistics with the EU Standards”. The project, supported by the European Commission, started on 23 March 2010 and it is implemented by a Consortium led by Istat, including Statistics Sweden and MIPA as partners.

Its beneficiary is the National Statistical Institute of Albania (INSTAT). The main goal consists in strengthening the economic statistical system, in order to create in the country the right conditions to define and implement sound and effective macroeconomic and fiscal policies….

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Cooperation with Albania

The 2010 Economic Census of Albania

INTERVIEW TO François Begeot
Albania towards EU: the challenge for statistics

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11 June 2012
Intheworld 4/2012
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