Multinazionali italiane all’estero

Non-resident enterprises under Italian control

In 2007 there were some 20,050 non-resident enterprises under Italian control. They employed over 1.4 million people and recorded a turnover of about 389 billion euro (Table 1). In particular, Italian affiliates abroad operating in sectors other than financial intermediation employed over 1.2 million
personnel and registered a turnover of 305 billion euro. Taking into account net turnover after the purchase of goods and services (an approximate aggregate estimate of value added worth created
abroad), these enterprises (excluding those operating in the financial intermediation sector) achieved a result of 84.2 billion euro.

The number of Italian affiliates abroad is higher in the non-financial services sector (11,279 enterprises) than in the industrial sectors (7,843). However, industrial enterprises demonstrate greater economic importance with a turnover of about 182 billion euro (57 billion euro after the purchase of goods and services) with total employment standing at 838,000.

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Industry and construction
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Year 2007
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31 May 2010

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