Al via il 9° Censimento industria e servizi

9th Census of industry and services, institutions and non-profit organisations

The aim of the 9th census is to depict in a dynamic way the current situation for businesses, non-profit organisations and institutions.

The survey features innovative questions and new survey techniques, and will involve a sample of 260,000 among large corporate groups and small and medium-sized businesses, over 470,000 non-profit organisations, and public institutions.

The first questionnaires were sent out to businesses and non-profit organizations on 03rd September, and this will continue until the 14th September. From 10th September, companies and non-profit organizations can start to complete the questionnaire, with the option to fill it in online from 3pm that day. The deadline for completing all the surveys has been set as 20th December 2012; the data will be published on Istat's website sometime during the second half of 2013 in a dedicated Data Warehouse, as already trialed for the agricultural census. The answers to the questionnaires should give a snapshot of the situation as of 31st December 2011, the census' date of reference.

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28 September 2012
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