Pil e indebitamento delle AP

GDP and General Government net borrowing

In March of each year annual estimates of GDP and General Government debt are issued according to the provisions of the Maastricht Treaty on indicators of convergence.

Data are compiled in compliance with ESA 95 and relate to the aggregates of supply and use accounts, work units, compensation of employees, public finance indicators as well as revisions to estimates for the previous three year period.

Data are expressed in millions of Euro at current prices and in chain-linked values with reference year 2000.

According to the SDDS programme of the IMF, Istat disseminates an annual calendar of press releases both on Istat and SDDS website.
accounts, consumptions, debt, expenditure, GDP, GDP net borrowing, general government, income, primary balance, statistics report, value added
National accounts, Public Administrations
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Year 2009
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1 March 2010
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