Conto trimestrale delle AP

Quarterly non-financial accounts for General Government

The quarterly non-financial accounts for General Government analyse the dynamics of the main public finance indicators. Moreover, the account gives information on the aggregates constituting general government expenditure (compensation of employees, intermediate consumption, social benefits, and interest) and revenue (taxes and social contribution).
The estimates, drawn up on accrual basis, are not seasonally adjusted and are expressed in millions of euros at current prices.

According to the SDDS programme of the IMF, Istat disseminates an annual calendar of press releases both on Istat and SDDS website.
accounts, consumptions, current balance, debt, deficit, expenditure, exports, GDP, general government, GG quarterly accounts, imports, investments, public finance, revenue, statistics flash, value added
National accounts, Public Administrations
document typology:
Press release
Reference period
II quarter 2010
Date of publication
8 October 2010
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