Attività notarile

Notarial activity

ISTAT has released the 2011 findings of the survey on notarial activities conducted by all notaries on Italian territory (approximately 5,000) since 1997. The survey was conducted in collaboration with the Central office of notarial archives (Ufficio centrale archivi notarili) and the National council of notaries (Consiglio nazionale del notariato).

The collected data provide a comprehensive overview of notarial activities and represents an important collection of socio-economic information. The survey focuses on notarial deeds and the agreements contained within them as the object of the study. Notarial deeds (public and certified) have been grouped into homogeneous categories, with the analysis focusing on the most common and meaningful agreements.

The tables are accompanied by an index and brief instructions for interpreting the data.

Please note that data concerning real estate purchases and loan stipulations are also published on a quarterly basis at the regional level of aggregation: ISTAT, Sales of real estate units and loans, IV quarter 2011, (29th may 2012),

For more details please refer to the Italian version.

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12 October 2012
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