Indicatori ambientali urbani

Urban environmental indicators

Istat presents the results of an urban environmental indicators survey carried out in collaboration with Municipal Statistical Offices and other Organizations working in the field.

The data, referring to provincial capitals , is available in a time series from 2000 to 2009. It should be noted that complete information is not available for L'Aquila because of the earthquake.

Starting this year, average values of time series have been calculated for regional capitals (see attached tables). The 116 provincial capitals that were the object of this study and where 29.8% of Italy's total population resides (almost 18 million people), cover 6.8% of the country's surface area. The average population density of these cities is 873.1 inhabitants per km2 with the greatest density in Naples at 8,214.4 inhabitants per km2, and the lowest is Tempio Pausania with 66.7 inhabitants per km2 of municipal area.

air monitoring stations, cars, energy, environment, exhaust emissions, health, heating, motorisation, ozone, pollution, provinces, separate waste collection, statistics report, town, urban environment, waste, waste water
Environment and energy
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Year 2009
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28 July 2010
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