Occupazione e valore aggiunto nelle province

Employment and value added in the Italian provinces

Istat disseminates the 2007 provincial estimates on persons employed, full time equivalent units and value added at basic current prices. The data are updated and comparable with the series published in January 2009 and, like them, refer to the third level of the territorial partition defined by the European Regulation on the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS). At the same time 2005-2006 data have been revised. Moreover, the series for the period 1995-2000 have been rebuilt in accordance with the time series of the last benchmark regarding the national and regional accounts.

In 2007, the domestic value added at current prices grew by 4.3%, and trends among territorial macro-areas were quite different. In the South the increase was lower (+3,0%) than in the Centre (+4.9%), the North-east (+4.8%) and North-west (+4.4 %).

employed, provinces, statistics report, value added
Labour and wages
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Year 2007
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14 January 2010
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