Spesa ambientale delle amministrazioni regionali

The environmental expenditure of regional administrations

The 2004-2010 time series of regional administrations' environmental expenditure are calculated through the budget analysis methodology: every single expenditure item of the regional administrations' public budget is analysed in order to identify and classify those items including environmental expenditures defined according to SERIEE concepts and definitions.

In particular, the aggregates resulting from the budget analysis quantify the economic resources spent by regional administrations both to safeguard the environment from pollution (atmospheric emissions, water discharges, waste, soil pollution, etc.) and degradation (loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, salinization, etc.), as well as for the use and management of natural resources (water, energy resources, forest resources, etc.) protecting them against depletion.

emissions, energy sources, environment, forests, pollution, soil, water
Environment and energy
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Years 2004-2010
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9 January 2013
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