Laboratorio ADELE

The Laboratory for Elementary Data Analysis (ADELE)

What's the ADELE Laboratory

The Laboratory for Elementary Data Analysis (ADELE) is a Research data centre (RDC) accessible by researchers working for universities or research institutions or fellows of bodies to which the Code of conduct and professional practice applying to processing of personal data for statistical and scientific purposes applies (Annex A.4, Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30th June 2003). Users can conduct, free of charge, their own statistical analyses on microdata from the Istat’s surveys. The aim of the ADELE Laboratory is to meet those needs of scientific research that are not satisfied by conventional tools for accessing statistical information (such as publications, data tables, databases, microdata files).

At the Laboratory, data security and statistical confidentiality are guaranteed by the control of the methods of work and of the results obtained by users.

Analysis results are verified for compliance with the given data protection legislation after completion of the project. Only results that exceed positively the defined rules can be issued.

For detailed information on the ADELE Laboratory refer to the User Guide.

How to make an application

To apply for access the assisted request (in Italian) is available.

The request has to contain the indication of the person in charge of the research project , which must be a professor or a researcher belonging to a university, college or research institution , or an associate of the scientific society, the description of the project and the scientific purposes and relevance of data requested.

Once completed, the request should be sent by e-mail to the Secretariat of the Laboratory ( to allow a preliminary analysis of eligibility.

After this preliminary scrutiny, in accordance with current legislation, the request must be signed and sent by one of the following means:

– fax number 06 4667.8004;
– the certified e-mail:;
– e-mail In this last case the original form of the request should be delivered to the staff of the Laboratory on the first date.

Data and Tools Available

All microdata stemming from Istat surveys are available to the users. Currently all available metadata are in Italian. The following resources are designed to help the researcher to identify the survey that meets his/her requirements:

Further special datasets (linked enterprise microdata) are also available for access at the Laboratory. The complete list is provided in Italian.

Different software tools are available at the Laboratory: SAS, Stata, R and Spss. There is no methodological or technical assistance, as the service is intended for a specialized audience.

What results can be achieved

The admission of the request does not constitute a commitment by Istat to release the output and only results that exceed positively the defined rules can be issued.

The results of processing that don't meet the requirements are not released.

A typical output obtained by the Laboratory is the estimation of statistical models. The Laboratory is not authorised under any circumstances to issue elementary data.

Descriptive analysis or tabular data may be requested to the service of Personalised data analyses.

Where it is

The service is available in Rome, via Cesare Balbo 16, and in each regional office in Italy (except the Institute of Statistics of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano).