Demographic indicators by province - Year 2013

Full data
Full data
  Totale RegionePesaro e UrbinoAnconaMacerataAscoli PicenoFermo
birth rate (per thousand inhabitant)
death rate (per thousand inhabitant)10.910.51111.310.511
marriage rate (per thousand inhabitant)
net migration rate due to internal migration (per thousand inhabitant)-0.8-1.2-1-0.4-0.6-0.4
net migration rate from abroad (per thousand inhabitant)
net migration rate due to other reasons (per thousand inhabitant)
total migration rate (per thousand inhabitant)7.94.810.85.97.810
natural balance (per thousand inhabitant)-2.7-2.1-2.9-3.1-2.9-2.8
growth rate (per thousand inhabitant)
total fertility rate - TFR1.341.391.351.341.261.35
mean age at childbearing31.731.631.531.632.431.7
life expectancy at birth - males80.780.380.880.681.180.6
life expectancy at 65 - males19.118.719.219.219.719.4
life expectancy at birth - females85.585.885.685.38585.3
life expectancy at 65 - females22.823.12322.822.622.8
population aged 0-14 (percentage values) - on 1st January13.413.813.513.312.713
population aged 15-64 (percentage values) - on 1st January63.563.963.263.36463.6
population aged 65 and over (percentage values) - on 1st January23.122.323.323.423.323.4
dependency ratio (percentage values) - on 1st January57.456.558.257.956.357.3
old age dependency ratio (percentage values) - on 1st January36.334.936.936.936.436.8
ageing index (percentage values) - on 1st January172.5161.4172.6175.4182.7179.4
mean age of the population - on 1st January45.144.745.245.245.445.4
life expectancy at birth - total838383.282.98382.9
life expectancy at 65 - total2120.921.12121.121.1