Cookies used by Istat website

This website uses “cookies,” which are text files placed on users’ terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, notebook), to collect and analyze information on website visitor behaviour in an anonymous and aggregate form.

Cookies will never be used to collect any Personally Identifiable Information of visitors to our site, to link an IP address with the identity of a computer user, and will never be used for direct marketing purposes

Through cookies, Istat obtains information about the use of the website, tracks sessions, and allows authenticated access to some areas. Without the use of cookies some operations would be impossible to perform.

Find below a list of external and internal cookies used on this site. Should you choose to disable any of them, you can do it either directly from this page or, in case of difficulty, via the settings provided by your browser software

External cookies

Social cookies.

They manage the information to share the website’s document in the social media. Disabling such cookies the sharing button below the documents will be disabled to. You should manually remove these cookies after disabling.

For more information you can see respectively the links below

Internal cookies

Browsing cookies. They store information on user preferences, such as browser language, font size.

Preference cookies. These cookies are used to remember if users choose to use cookies or not on our website. Disabling such cookies may result in users being asked at each access to accept or decline the use of cookies and all the settings in this page will be resetted.

Cookies manageable through the browser

System cookies. They are directly managed by the system hosting the website and help improve performance.

Authentication cookies. They manage the authentication process to use some services. By disabling these cookies in their browser, users can no longer access such services.

Futher external cookies. ReadSpeaker: They set the preference options for the text-to speech media player
For more information you can see how ReadSpeaker uses cookies

For managing cookies in different browsers, please consult your web browser user guide: Chrome | Firefox | Internet Explorer | Opera | Safari

For example, in Firefox through the menu Tools-> Options -> Privacy, you can access a control panel where you can specify whether or not to accept the different types of cookies and remove them.

If you do not know what type and version of browser you are using, simply click the “Help” or “Info” button to access all necessary information.