Demographic indicators by province - Year 2013

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Full data
  Totale RegionePerugiaTerni
birth rate (per thousand inhabitant)
death rate (per thousand inhabitant)11.410.812.8
marriage rate (per thousand inhabitant)2.92.93
net migration rate due to internal migration (per thousand inhabitant)-0.4-0.70.5
net migration rate from abroad (per thousand inhabitant)
net migration rate due to other reasons (per thousand inhabitant)12.511.615.1
total migration rate (per thousand inhabitant)14.913.419
natural balance (per thousand inhabitant)-3.1-2.3-5.2
growth rate (per thousand inhabitant)11.811.113.7
total fertility rate - TFR1.371.381.31
mean age at childbearing31.531.431.7
life expectancy at birth - males80.380.579.8
life expectancy at 65 - males18.919.118.5
life expectancy at birth - females85.385.984
life expectancy at 65 - females22.622.922.1
population aged 0-14 (percentage values) - on 1st January13.113.412.3
population aged 15-64 (percentage values) - on 1st January63.163.562.2
population aged 65 and over (percentage values) - on 1st January23.823.225.6
dependency ratio (percentage values) - on 1st January58.457.660.9
old age dependency ratio (percentage values) - on 1st January37.736.541.2
ageing index (percentage values) - on 1st January181.9173.4208.4
mean age of the population - on 1st January45.645.146.7
life expectancy at birth - total82.783.181.9
life expectancy at 65 - total20.82120.3