Indagine sulle discriminazioni

Survey on discriminations by gender, sexual orientation and ethnic origin: microdata for research purposes

The first survey on discriminations by gender, sexual orientation and ethnic origin has been carried out in 2011, thanks to an agreement with the Department of Equal Opportunities, in order to fill the data gap on the prevalence and the characteristics of discrimination in Italy, especially with reference to three dimensions: gender, sexual orientation and ethnic origin.

The survey was designed to achieve two objectives: on the one hand, to collect data on opinions and attitudes toward gender roles, homosexuality and immigration; on the other hand, to estimate the number of persons who experienced discrimination at school and at work (also including the job seeking).

The survey was conducted with mixed mode CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) – SAQ (Self Administered Questionnaire). In the self-filled paper questionnaire, for the first time Istat collects information on the sexual orientation of respondents, trough an ad hoc set of questions.

equal opportunities, family roles, gender, household, immigrants, inclusion, labour, microdata for research purposes, society
Daily life and citizen opinions
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Year 2011
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16 April 2015
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