Occupati e disoccupati (mensili)

Employment and unemployment (provisional estimates)

In November 2014 22.310 million persons were employed, -0.2% compared with October 2014. Unemployed were 3.457 million, +1.2% with respect to the previous month.

Employment rate was 55.5%, -0.1 percentage points with respect to October 2014, unemployment rate was 13.4%, +0.2 percentage points over the previous month, and inactivity rate was 35.7%, unchanged over October.

Youth unemployment rate (aged 15-24) was 43.9%, +0.6 percentage points in a month, youth unemployment ratio in the same age group was 12.2%, +0.3 percentage points over the previous month.

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Labour and wages
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Press release
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November 2014
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7 January 2015
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