Intheworld 7/2015

A robust and appropriate statistical system is a key governance tool to implement any development strategy and to ensure the effective design, adoption and monitoring of development policies.

Attention to countries statistical capacity is constantly growing and it is assessed against their capacity to respond to the increasing demand of quality data on economic, social and environmental features at national level as well as to emerging data needs, not least the production of indicators deriving, in the medium term, from the Post-2015 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Government of Myanmar acknowledged this, and has identified the production of reliable statistics as one of the main economic goals of the country in its national development plan and reform agenda, together with balanced economic growth and social development. Against an improvement in economic performance in fact, the country is still affected by poverty and inequalities, by the need of governance reforms, of improved public services and infrastructure development – and by the absence of reliable data on a number of socio-economic phenomena.

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12 June 2015
Intheworld n. 7
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