Trattamenti pensionistici e beneficiari

Pensions and pensioners: territorial and gender analysis

Pensions provided in 2013 were 23.3 millions: 56.3% to women, the remaining 43.7% to men.

Women represented more than a half (52.9%) of the pensioners (8.7 millions out of 16.4) but received just 44.2% of the 273 billions euro overall pensions expenditure.

One fourth of pensioners live in the North-West area (about 28%); the share amount to about 20% in the other geographical areas, and decrease to 10% in the Islands.

The average yearly pension income received by men is 14,911 euro, an amount 62,2% higher than that received by women (9,195). Nevertheless, since women benefit of an higher number of pensions per capita (1.51 vs 1.32), the gender gap decrease to 41.4% if evaluated on the average pensioners income (19,686 euro for men, 13,921 for women).

More than a half of women (50.5%) received monthly less than 1,000 euro, against one third of men (31%). But men with a monthly pension income over 5,000 euro are five times women (178 thousands against 35 thousands).

Lazio pensioners received the highest average yearly pensioners income (19,549), an amount 40% higher than that received by those who live in Basilicata (14,226), the lowest among the Italian regions.

Half of pensioners living in the southern regions (50.2% in the Islands and 49.6% in the South) received less than 1,000 euro monthly. The highest share of beneficiaries with a monthly income more than 5,000 euro is instead in the Centre (2.0%) and in the North-West areas (1,4%), also due to the different geographical distribution of the various pensions types.

The ratio between the number of residing pensioners and employed population - dependency ratio - disadvantage women: 91 women pensioners every 100 women employed, compared to 58.2 men pensioners every 100 men employed.

The highest incidence rate on GDP is in the Islands (21.6%) and in the South (20.9%), the lowest in North-East (15.2%) and North-West (15.1%).

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25 June 2015
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