Aziende agrituristiche in Italia

Agritourism farms in Italy

In 2014, there were 21,744 agritourism farms (agritourism farms licensed to provide accomodation), 847 more than the previous year (+4.1%).

During 2014, new farms licensed for agritourism were 1,677, the ceased ones were 830. Compared with 2012, a decrease was registered for both new licences -20 units) and ceased (-444 units).

Agritourism farms are continuing to offer several services. Tourist packages continue to be offered along with different services, aimed to a better qualification of the agritourist activity linked to the territory where it is located: 8,028 farms provide both accomodation and food serving services, while 10,298 farms add to accommodation other agritourism activities.

Compared to 2013, the number of agritourism farm increased above all in the South and the Islands areas (+13.1%), at a lesser extent in the North (+2.4%) and in the Centre area (+1.7%).

41.1% of agritourism farms providing accommodation, 45.0% of those providing food services and 42.2% of those providing tasting of local typical food is located in the North, while 40.4% of the farms with other agritourism activities is located in the Centre area.

Toscana and the Autonomous province of Bolzano/Bozen, with 4, 052 and 3,145 farms, are the territories with longstanding and consolidated agritourism tradition.

Over one agritourism farm out of three is managed by a woman (39.5%); the highest concentration is to be found in Toscana, with 1,637 farms, equal to 40.4% of regional total and to 20.9% of national total of agritourism farms managed by women.

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27 November 2015
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