Cittadini, imprese e ICT

Citizens, enterprises and the ICTs

Istat disseminates the main findings of the sample surveys on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by individuals, households and enterprises with at least 10 persons employed working in industry and services. The data refer to the use of ICT in the year 2015. In 2015 the two community surveys have included a special section regarding cyber security.

For more integration in the production and communication of information statistics, Istat publishes data on the use of ICT by citizens and enterprises gathering them in a single release.

In 2015 the number of households having a broadband access increases, while it is stable and close to
saturation the share of enterprises using broadband access (94.4%). For both, the mobile broadband
connection increases up to 30.1% of households (27.6% in the 2014) and 63.3% of enterprises with at least
10 persons employed (60.0% in the 2014).

60.2% of the population aged 6 and over used the web in the last 12 months (57.5% in the 2014), about
40% surfed the web daily, and only 16.8% used the web at least once a week. The age is still the main
discriminating factor in the use of the Internet: young people aged 15-24 confirm themselves as the best
users (they overtake 91%).

The digital intensity index, based on the adoption of 12 activities used on the Internet, is low or very low for
about nine out of ten companies (8 out of 10 in EU28). The smaller enterprises (with 10-49 persons
employed) have a lower degree of digitization respect to the other.

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22 December 2015
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