Viaggi e vacanze in Italia e all’estero

Trips and holidays in Italy and abroad

In 2015, trips with overnight stays made by residents were 57,910 million. The number of trips remained stable, compared with 2014 (they were 62,927 million).

The average duration of trips remained stable at 5.9 nights (6.2 nights for holiday trips and 3.4 for business trips), corresponding to an amount of 340 million nights.

Between 2014 and 2015, short holidays (24,3 million) interrupted the decline showed since 2009, whereas long holidays (26,8 million) and business trips (6,8 million) remained stable (also in terms of nights) for the second consecutive year.

The Expo effect is evident, especially in the summer quarter: the amount of trips in the area of Milano exceeds one million and it is 5 times higher than the estimate of 2014; Expo was the destination of 72% of the holidays spent in Italy with the purpose to participate in cultural/traditional events, shows or exhibitions.

Domestic destinations hosted 81.1% of trips. Trips to foreign countries (18.9%) were mostly directed towards Eu destinations (11.2%).

In the summer, 17.4% of long domestic holidays were spent in Emilia-Romagna, 11.3% in Puglia, whereas Trentino-Alto Adige was the first destination during winter (22.5%) and autumn (16.4%).

Spain was the main destination for long holidays (15% of long trips abroad), whereas 22.6% of short holidays were spent in France. Germany was the preferred country for business trips (13.4% of business trips abroad).

Among non-European destinations, Morocco and Usa were the most visited countries for holidays (respectively 6% and 3.2%) and Cina for business trips (4.6%).

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10 February 2016
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